Famous traditional Dutch ‘rookworst’ (sausage) with less sodium

In The Netherlands a ‘rookworst’ (smoked sausage) is highly appreciated by consumers because of its particular taste. The challenge for its producers was to lower the sodium content of its famous branded sausage without losing any of the taste experience. Together with Suprasel® the company did several tests before implementing Suprasel® OneGrain®. “Salt is essential for our sausages”, says the R&D manager of the producing company. “It provides not only taste, but also binds the sausage and ensures the shelf life. Suprasel OneGrain provides all this. By applying it, we contribute to the health of consumers without compromising on the traditional taste of our product.”

Suprasel OneGrain contains the optimal balance of mineral salt and natural aroma in each single grain, so you can literally replace normal salt on a one-to-one basis, retaining your unique taste without adding complexity to your processes. Reducing sodium the easy way.

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