Reducing sodium in


Meet consumer needs

Salt is an essential ingredient to the bakery industry. Salt makes bread more delicious and for its taste consumers choose your bread. OneGrain mineral salt gives bakers the competitive edge by enabling them to distinguish themselves with healthier, high quality bread products – no matter the current salt dosage. Suprasel OneGrain gives excellent results with sodium reduction up to 50%!


Sustainable business development

It’s easy to apply, just like regular salt so you can develop healthier products fast and cost effective. OneGrain replaces regular salt 1 to 1; OneGrain mineral salt – just like regular salt – develops the gluten network, regulates the rising process, and contributes to longer shelf life. Directly reducing salt means adversely impacting these properties. OneGrain mineral salt enables bakeries to lower sodium content while keeping all the benefits of regular salt.


Fast to market

Healthier tasty bread without any change in recipe, processing or equipment results in low total cost of ownership. A differentiating value proposition enables you to increase your sales.

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