Reducing sodium in
culinary THE EASY WAY


Meet consumer needs

Culinary is a combination of taste, art and emotion. The successes of these food designs are often transformed to industrial products to make it available for a larger population. But to make good looking food with a fantastic taste and a long shelf life isn’t that easy without the addition of salt. OneGrain gives you an easy and healthy solution without compromises on the pillars of cuisine!


Sustainable business development

Salt is easy, salt is delicious, salt is cheap, salt is…. product developers love the use of it because it enhances the culinary creations they make. Reformulations to reduce sodium often result in an increase of complexity. With OneGrain you don’t have to ask the questions; what do I have to add to enhance the taste, keep the saltiness or what about my shelf life? OneGrain mineral salt is an easy solution and can replace regular salt 1 to 1. No long and complex reformulation projects to reduce sodium, so you can use your creativity for new culinary food designs!


Fast to market

It’s 1 to 1 replacement of regular salt contributes to lower total costs of ownership; one solution for all your products, no changes in processing or equipment. One solution to meet current and future sodium reduction targets.

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